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Institute for Kazakhstan Economic and Social Studies

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The Research Institute for Kazakhstan Economic and Social Studies(RIKESS)was jointly established by Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics(ZUFE),the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Shanghai, andthe Center for International Planning ofthe Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

RIKESSRelieson good diplomacy,closeforeignrelations,and foreign language resourcesas well as integratedly cooperative academicresourcesand the finance industry from 5 UniversitiesincludingZhejiangUniversity ofFinance andEconomics,KazakhstanNational Eurasian University,Tulane University,KaragandaEconomics University,ShakarimUniversity,and AstanaInternationalFinancialCenterinKazakhstan.

RIKESSis committed to giving full play to the advantages of economic management discipline and educational internationalization, aimed at meeting the reality of China's,Kazakhstan's,andthe other 4central Asiancountries’demands.With solid research support,we are ready to contribute to the implementation of the "Belt& Road"initiative,for the"going global"purpose ofChinese enterprises,and the promotion of international cooperation on production capacity.


RIKESSrevolves aroundproviding "precisecooperation" think tank consulting services for industrial development, construction of international industrial parks, bilateral (multi-lateral) investment, integration of industry and education, business and trade, and cultural exchanges between China and Kazakhstan and the other4Central Asian countriesso as to boost the economic development of China and Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a source countryand a key region for the implementation of the "Belt& Road"initiative. In recent years, China has madegreaterprogress in economic and trade exchanges, bilateral investment, industrial cooperation, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges with the five Central Asian countries including Kazakhstan.

Under the background of the "Belt& Road" initiative,"precisecooperation" is very necessary.RIKESSadoptsa hierarchical classification model,buildingglobal production networksandInternet industry cooperation patterns, conducting business and trade, promoting the construction of infrastructure, investment, the Central Asian production base,boostinghumanistic educationandinternational cooperation capacity,etc.


RIKESSgives full play to the academic advantages ofZUFEas a university of finance and economics, and focuses on:

(1)Comparative study on Sino-Kazakh economy.

(2)Comparative study on industrial investment and finance between China and Kazakhstan.

(3)Comparative study of China's and Kazakhstan'slaws.

(4)Comparative study on agriculture, land and urban development between China and Kazakhstan.

(5)Comparative study of Chinese and Kazakh languages and cultures.

RIKESS aimsatprovidingservicefor the construction ofthe"Belt& Road" initiative, responding to the requirements of the Ministry of Educationof Chinaon strengthening regional and national studies, promoting exchanges and cooperation withKazakhstan universities thathave good relations with ZUFE,keeping close contacts withfamous experts and scholarsbothat home and abroad,focusingon multi-disciplinary comprehensive research,making good use ofacademic exchange platforms,and addressingpractical problems.

Contact Persons:


Ms. Lan Ying

Tel.: 0086-571-8675 7487

Director ofRIKESSatZUFE

Professor Yu Muhong

Tel.: 0086-571-8755 7052