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Joint Program in Accounting (Laurentian University, Canada)

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The Accounting Program (Chinese-foreign Cooperative Program) was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2012 and cooperated with Laurentian University in Canada. Thanks to the introduction of Canadian quality education resources and advanced teaching management model, this Program aims to cultivate newly high-level interdisciplinary accounting talents who are familiar with International Financial Reporting Standards and International Auditing Standards, understand the operation and management of international accounting practices, adapt to the international development of accounting business, and have professional theoretical knowledge of international accounting, big data analytical skills and knowledge of computer artificial intelligence.

The core curriculums of the Program use English textbooks assigned by Laurentian University and are taught bilingually according to the international teaching model (most of the introduced courses are taught by senior foreign teachers). The program is featuredwith the "2+1+1" model, i.e. double campus, double teaching and double degrees. Students who choose to study in ZUFE for three years and in Laurentian University for one year will be awarded a Bachelor's Degree Certificate in Accounting, a Bachelor's Degree in Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Laurentian University if they earn the required credits and meet the corresponding requirements; students who choose to complete their studies in ZUFE will be awarded a Bachelor's Degree Certificate in Accounting and a Bachelor's Degree in Management if they earn the required credits and meet the corresponding requirements.

Students in this Program can be exempted from thirteen courses of CPA Canada and can apply for the GAPP Global Professional Certificate in Accounting after taking the CPA Canada Global Examinations in Taxation and Business Law; they are expected to receive a full CPA certificate after continuing to take the graduate-level examinations of the CPA Canada.Moreover, students can also sit for the Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant (HKICPA) Qualification Examination, and those who pass all subjects can be exempted from the four exams of Certified Public Account (CPA). CPA Canada and HKICPA are members of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA), which has entered into mutual recognition agreements with the most highly recognized associations of accountants in the UK, US, Australia, France, Japan and Germany, facilitating the global flow of members from different countries.

Outstanding Students

1. Ms.Huang Yanxiao, class of 2019.During her undergraduate years, she obtained the titles of excellent graduates of Zhejiang Province and excellent graduates of ZUFE; She was awarded the provincial Government Scholarship, the first-class scholarship of excellent students of ZUFE and won the second prize of College Student Economic Management Case Competition of Zhejiang Province and the silver award of College Student Entrepreneurship Competition of Zhejiang Province. After graduation, she pursued a master's degree in the University of Manchester.

2. Mr.Qi Quan, class of 2020.During his undergraduate years, he was awarded the provincial Government Scholarship and the first-class scholarship for outstanding students, and won third place in the National University Karate Championship. After graduation, he entered Johns Hopkins University for his master's degree.

3. Ms.Yang Siqin, class of 2020. During her undergraduate years, she was awarded the national scholarship and provincial Government Scholarship and obtained the title of excellent graduates of Zhejiang Province. She also won the first prize of Lixin Scholarship and the excellence award of College Student Rural Revitalization Competition of Zhejiang Province.After graduation, she entered the University of Southern California for a master's degree.